• BizStats
    Estimates a solely-owned company’s net profit in various industries and offers financial calculators and glossaries.  For a profit estimate, enter Annual Sales in the box, click Sole Proprietorship and Submit. Choose an industry (Construction, Health Services, Manufacturing).  Click through to an Income & Expense estimate of net profit and business overhead, based on nationwide averages for profitable, one-owner unincorporated businesses. 

  • Google Finance
    Information on public and private companies.  Enter a company name or ticker symbol in the search box and click.  Select your company match for a detailed report.  Private company data may include a business summary, corporate site links, news, and management bios.  Public company reports are more thorough, including stock data, financials, and management bios.

  • Hoover's
    Information on companies and executives.  Enter a company name in the box, click Search, and choose the matching hit for free information: address, phone and fax numbers, web address, overview, key numbers (sales, income, employment), key people, and business rankings.  Use the "People" tab to find executives—enter a last name to get a list of same-named executives with their titles and firms.

  • Reuters
    Business news, company profiles, and executive salaries.  The home page lists breaking business stories and Analysis & Opinion blogs, including DealZone (emerging deals), MediaFile (marketing and media) and Reuters Shop Talk (retail).  Enter a company’s stock symbol in the upper-right box, click Search, and click the matching company.  Click on the blue tabs for News, Key Developments, and People— executive bios and salaries. 

  • Spoke
    A networking site showing businesses’ employees and connections. Scroll down to the Find bar and enter a company’s name.  Click the match to view the firm’s address, ticker symbol, revenue, employees, officers, and a list of companies similar to your company.  Create a free account to access more information.
  • Tennessee Secretary of State Business Information
    Locates businesses registered with the Tennessee Secretary of state—both active and inactive.  Enter the company name (or part of it) and choose your company from among the hits.  Results include business type, primary address, date of formation, place of incorporation, and fiscal year closing month.  Click the “Registered Agent” tab at the bottom right to view the agent’s name and address.
  • Yahoo Finance
    Links to numerous sources for company profiles, news, and executive bios.  Enter the company ticker symbol, click Web Search or Get Quotes and click the company match to view a chart with stock information.  Scroll down for headlines, key statistics, and a Business Summary.  Click on the Company Profile link at bottom right for the firm’s contact information, web site link, and key executives