• Babel Fish Translator
    Translates to and from English for various foreign languages. NOTE: The word-for-word translations will not convey the colloquial meanings of expressions.
  • Best and Worse States for Job Growth and Business
    Tennessee Ranks 3rd in the 2010 Chief Executive magazine’s annual CEO’s survey of the best and worst places for jobs and business growth. Click on the link above for additional information.
  • Currency Converter
    Convert U.S. dollars to foreign currency and vice versa.
  • Inflation Calculator
    Learn what a gift given as long ago as 1940 was equivalent to in 2009. Enter the original amount of the gift, choose the year the gift was made, choose 2009, and that value is automatically calculated. Example: A $500,000 gift made in 1975 was equivalent to $1,586,050 in 2009.
  • MapQuest
    Find driving directions between two points or retrieve maps.

  • Net Worth
    A great definition of the ever-elusive Net Worth.

  • Northwestern University Research Web Page
    Click above for a multitude of helpful links compiled by Northwestern University.  Includes Colleges and Universities, Company Profiles/Venture Capital, Foundations, Government (State, Local and Federal), Grants, International, Legal/Medical/Dental and Other Professionals, Lists, Mergers &Acquisitions, Newspapers & Magazines, Patents, People, Philanthropy/Non-Profit, Phone/Address/Zip, Real Estate, Reference (Business & Desktop), Research Web Pages, Salary Information, Search Engines, Securities/IPOs/SEC/Stock Quotes, and Tax Assessor Site.

  • Perpetual Calendar
    Find the day of the week on a given historic date.  Example: December 10, 1956.  Locate the year (1956) in the upper grid.  Scan downward to the monthly grid below, to the December row.  As directed, refer to Calendar G.  December 10, 1956 was a Monday.

  • Tennessee Map
    Tennessee counties--click on any one for demographic, economic, and geographic data.

  • WayBack Machine
    Locate expired web pages.  Type in a URL, select a date range, and begin surfing an archived version of the Web.
  • Yahoo Reference
    Access the American Heritage Dictionary (both English and Spanish), Roget's Thesaurus, Columbia Encyclopedia, Columbia Quotations, Gray's Anatomy, and the World Factbook.  Can search all sources at once.