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Prospect Research and Management

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About Research

Prospect Research supports the University of Tennessee’s Advancement efforts with timely and accurate information about the university’s fundraising priorities.  We collect, evaluate, analyze, organize, and disseminate publicly available information to UT staff.  Our goal is to enable accurate and educated decision-making.

When doing your own research, please review the FAQ’s below and the Research Tools at left, which link to FREE SITES and FREE AREAS within fee-based sites.  We have included some sites that contain fee-based areas, but it is our intention to direct you to the free portions only.  We are not customers of the fee-based areas.

Email Emma Amuti at eamuti@utfi.org if you find that web addresses have changed, sites have gone out of business, or free websites have become fee-based.  We appreciate your help in maintaining the Prospect Research web page.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and questions.  Happy searching!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find biographical information?

ZoomInfo   -  see other People research tools

2. Where can I find business information?

Yahoo Finance   -  see other Company research tools

3. Where can I find confirmation of a death?

Social Security Death Index   -  see other People research tools

4. Where can I find driving directions/mileage?

MapQuest   -  see other Miscellaneous research tools

5. Where can I find foundation information?

Foundation Center   -  see other Foundation research tools

6. Where can I find an old internet web page?

Wayback Machine   

7. Where can I find obituaries?

Legacy   -  see other People research tools

8. Where can I find phone numbers and addresses?

The Ultimates   -  see other Lookup Service research tools

9. Where can I find political contributions?

OpenSecrets   -  see other Government & Politics research tools

10. Where can I find salaries and salary estimates?

Salary.com   -  see other Salary research tools

11. Where can I find current stock information?

Yahoo Finance   -  see other Stock research tools

12. Where can I find historical stock information?

Big Charts   -  see other Stock research tools

13. Where can I find zip codes?

Zip Code Lookup   -  see other Lookup Service research tools