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Prospect Systems Frequently Asked Questions

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The mission of the University of Tennessee Office of Prospect Systems is to proactively manage our prospect data system and facilitate coordinated movement of the university’s major gift prospects and donors through all stages of the gift giving process. We provide a wide range of support to the development staff at all of the university’s campuses and institutes. Below are some frequently asked questions and links to the answers. If you do not find an answer to a question please contact us at 974-6357.


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Gift Agreements

When do I need a gift agreement?

How many originals of a gift agreement should I submit to a donor for signature?

What if the donor requests multiple originals back, say, for various family members?

Where should I send my gift agreement for review?

Why do my gift agreements need prior review and approval?

What if I can’t find a gift agreement template that fits my donor’s request and needs?

Should I remove language in the gift agreement templates pertaining to either UT or UTF?

Can I include a payment schedule for more than 5 years in a gift agreement?



Where can I find the market and book value for an endowment that does not have an ANDI allocation?

Why aren’t ANDI allocations created for endowments created via dissolved internal trusts?

What are the minimum endowment levels?

What documentation is required for a university-initiated endowment?

What is a quasi-endowment?

What is an “underwater” endowment?

How often are endowment earnings distributed?

When will an endowment begin generating earnings that can be spent?

What happens when an endowment meets its minimum endowment level?


Prospect Assignments

When do I have to get prior approval before being assigned to a new prospect?

What does it mean if a prospect is "restricted to another unit"?

When I look at my prospect on ANDI, I don't see my name even though I am assigned. Why is that?

I found out something new about one of my prospects (phone number, address, job change, etc.). How do I get this changed in ANDI?

How can I get a list of all my active prospect assignments?

How do I get a prospect record created or corrected?



I am not getting credit for the proposals I have worked on. Why is that?

When I try to add a primary proposal assignment, ANDI will not let me and this error message appears: Type - A proposal assignment may not be a primary assignment. What am I doing wrong?

When should I enter a proposal into ANDI?

Once I put a proposal in ANDI, is that all I have to do?

I need to update a proposal I have already entered into the proposal module. I have looked it up on ANDI, but it looks different and I can’t change any of the fields. What is wrong?

How do I get a list of all the proposals I am assigned to?

Where do the activity measure numbers on the Unit Analysis Report come from?


Contact Reports

What date should I put on contact reports - the date I add them to ANDI, or the date that the contact actually occurred?

My contact reports aren't showing up on my prospect's spouse's record. Why is that?

When should I link a contact report to a spouse?

How can I pull a list of all my contacts reports?

When I enter a contact report for my development officer, do I enter my ID as the author, or do I enter the ID of my development officer?

When I enter a contact report for a visit involving other people in addition to myself, how do I make sure everyone gets credit for the visit?

I need to enter a contact report for someone whose name is not in the dropdown menu. What should I do?